Siemens Vectron Railpool

On 22.12.2010 Siemens published the news that a launching customer was found for their Vectron platform; Lease company Railpool. In 2012 Siemens delivered six Vectron electrics to Railpool, designated 193 801 to 806.

Remarkable: these first six machines have destinations display on their fronts, as these were specifically ordered for both passenger and freight services.

In May 2014 Oaktree Capital acquired Railpool from its founders: KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH and HSH Nordbank AG. In March 2016 it became clear that Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC had taken a 49% stake in Railpool.

On 01.01.2019, Railpool had 19 Vectron locomotives in its fleet, with more on order.

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