[design] From the Alps to Milan: This is ‘Monte Rosa’ for SBB Cargo International 

The ‘Alppiercer’ family of SBB Cargo International just got a brand new member, a special one nonetheless. Named ‘Monte Rosa’, this new design features two sides depicting central Milan and Isola dei Pescatori near Stresa. 

The Railpool Vectron received its new livery recently at KTG in Duisburg shortly after arriving at SBB Cargo International. One side features the iconic Duomo Cathedral of Milan as its centrepiece, surrounded by other Milan staples such as the Teatro alla Scala and Castello Sforzesco. The second side takes us away from the hustle and bustle of Milan and features the calm Isola dei Pescatori in Lake Maggiore.

Railpool > SBB Cargo International 193 139 ‘Monte Rosa’ for © SBB Cargo International

Small details can also be found in the iconic Fiat 500, a family hand-picking grapes from a vineyard, and the Frecce Tricolori of the Italian Air Force.

For the number nerds among us, 193 139 might sound familiar, as it was released last year as the 1250th Vectron built by Siemens. This is again featured in the design, including the ‘Vetruvian man’, the iconic work by Leonardo da Vinci.

The ‘Milan’ side of 193 139 ‘Monte Rosa’ © SBB Cargo International
The ‘Stresa’ side of 193 139 ‘Monte Rosa’ © SBB Cargo International

Like the rest of the ‘Alppiercer’ fleet, the design comes from our Railcolor Design department again. Last year, similar locomotives arrived at SBB Cargo International as ‘Silverpiercers’.

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