We at Railcolor like to work with innovative companies, creating authentic, visual and informative posts. We offer various content types, and different channels to promote it. Together, we can give your company, brand, product or service the attention it deserves.

We have build up a very loyal audience with a passion for railways. We are very well-known in the locomotive business and we have a huge reach in this niche. offers a possibility to promote your brand to that very specific audience you want to reach out to.

Our channels

  • Railcolor News blog – Since 2001 we are writing about modern rolling stock, made in Europe. It started with new electric locomotives, for which we built a news site and data platform ( consulted over 5 million times yearly (2016). That same year we created this new commercial platform ( with which we are expanding our scope of interest by adding diesel locomotives, light rail, multiple units and (very) high speed trains. We bring the large numbers, but we care also about the details. We always combine our news and articles with good photography, infographics and video. We welcome around 240.000 unique visitors yearly on this website, a number that is rapidly growing.
  • Social Media – Railcolor has 15.000 people audience in Facebook. Currently we are expanding our fanbase on Instagram
  • News letter – Over 1.500 people are subscribed to our news letter, that is published weekly or with special occasions.

Content types

  • Sponsored content: A company profile, a product presentation, a design competition – all can be brought in close cooperation with you. It is a win-win option, you create an authentic posts about your brand, we bring relevant content to our users. You can delivers content (text, images, videos) that we can publish, or we can create and design a full custom made posts for you. We have designers, copywriters and good (railway) photographers in our network that together create your perfect advertorial.
  • Editorial sponsorship: You can align your logos or message with our news posts or articles. Imagine something like a locomotive manufacturer logo in our ‘locomotive weekly’ update or a model train advert coming together with the real train presentation.
  • Banners: We offer custom made banner ads on our website. This can be either in our header, on our front page, in the sidebar or in between news posts. We can place your ready-to-go banner or make a design/campaign specially for you.

Are you interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us about prices and (tailor-made) possibilities

Where do our visitors come from? ( top 5:

  • DE 25%
  • NL 13%
  • UK 7%
  • CZ 5%
  • CH 5%

What is their first language? ( top 3:

  • German 27%
  • English 19%
  • Dutch 15%

What technology do they use?

  • Desktop 55%
  • Mobile 36%
  • Tablet 9%

Do you know the Railcolor Formula?

Railcolor News + Railcolor Design = double visibility, online and offline

We have a unique position in the railway industry. We create products, and we make them visible. On our partner website you can find numerous examples of how our design colleagues work on various projects for offline promotion. They make locomotive designs, do graphic design for animation, for print and for press. You can have both with our special Railcolor Formula!  Contact us directly to discuss the possibilities and for a tailor-made solution for your company.

Are you interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us about prices and (tailor-made) possibilities.