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What is Railcolor News Expert?

All articles on marked with 'Expert' are part of our member section. To be able to read all detailed information and see the best railway pictures, you need an 'Expert' subscription, that can be ordered on this page. An account will be created so you can login and read our special long-reads and read our Railcolor Analysis and Locomotive Weekly reports.

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The Expert subscription offers you access to ALL the content, no restrictions. Expert articles are full-screen, free of ads, include large pictures and detailed, statistical information about modern trains from Europe. Expect more in-depth analysis, lists, visuals etc.

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There are two reasons why we decided to work with a special Expert section. Firstly, we want to be able to present you our articles in the best possible design - there are no ads in Expert articles, they are full-screen, have larger pictures, more detailed text, statistics. Secondly, your subscription must be seen as a donation to our project, for a small amount per year, you help us to improve and extend this website, which takes a lot of time and resources.

But I can find similar info on other websites, right?

Our information is detailed, we use visuals and pictures as much as possible, and we strive for structure. We do not just bring news, we connect news to backgrounds, we interlink our articles and all trains are sorted in our 'train type overview'. This site brings all information about every modern train type together in 1 dossier. No more searching around, loosing time, we bring overview and structure.

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