[CH] After Silver comes Gold: The newest ‘Piercer’ design for SBB Cargo International


On 16.08.2023, SBB Cargo International presented Railpool’s 193 110 as the brand new ‘Goldpiercer’. This design celebrates the 300th locomotive delivered to Railpool.

Railpool is rapidly taking delivery of new Vectrons, a part of which has already been rented out to SBB Cargo International. The first two locomotives received their Railcolor-designed wrap in May of 2023 and are known as the ‘Silverpiercers’.

To commemorate 193 110 being the 300th locomotive delivered to Railpool, the company partnered with SBB Cargo International and Railcolor Design to create a unique ‘Goldpiercer’ design. The artwork on the sides is reminiscent of the previous ‘Nightpiercer’ designs, be it with gold accents in multiple places. In line with the rest of the ‘Silverpiercer’ series, it has been named after a famous lake in the Alps: Zugersee.

  • 91 80 6193 110-4 D-Rpool = Railpool 6193 110 = Siemens 23293 = Vectron 1295

On 15.08.2023, Daniel Schärer was already present in Cologne (DE) to catch the brand-new locomotive in a fitting Golden evening light:

Railpool > SBB Cargo International 193 110 in Cologne (DE) on 15.08.2023 © Daniel Schärer
A closer look at the gold accents on 193 110 © Daniel Schärer
Deja Vu? A starry night sky as seen before on the ‘Nightpiercers’ © Daniel Schärer