[EU] In the picture: Shadowpiercer no.3 [updatedx2]


On 14.06.2022, the wrapping of “Shadowpiercer” no. 3 was completed. MRCE 193 665 now has SBB Cargo International’s typical mountains in white. Its name is “Thunersee”.  It was the third and last one to receive this design, following 193 657 and 658.

Another Railcolor Design project is on the rails, and you can capture it with your camera. Floris van den Broek and Vince Cargo from the Netherlands managed to portray the machine  and this is the result:

MRCE > SBB Cargo International 193 665 on the Schwarzheide shuttle at Hulten on 21.06.2022 © Floris van den Broek

193 665 departing Kijfhoek on 21.06.2022 © Vince Cargo