[design] 10 years in service – and 193 813 finally has its Railpool design

It was relativly short-lived (19 months). The DB Netze special design of 193 813 is gone. There is a new name now, DB InfraGo, replacing both DB Netz and DB Station & Service. 

The name DB InfraGo is official since January 2024, but 193 813 already lost most of its stickers in December 2023. The cabs remained blue, but the areas between the cab doors was white again.

Railpool decided to solve this by wrapping 813 with it corporate colours (silver/blue) in combination with BoxXpress logos (the new lessor). It looks like this:

Railpool > Boxpress 193 813 in Hamburg on 17.02.2024 © Patrick’s Bahnwelt

193 813 was delivered in 2014 (Abnahme MMAL 18.07.14) and is a Vectron AC locomotive operable in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Romania. Interestingly, it never had the Railpool standard livery before. It is painted white. You may know the machine from its stickers promoting Knorr Rail services, which it had from 2014 until 2018. In 2019 it got a full wrap, in the bright green of Flixtrain- which lasted until 2020.