[EU] TX Logistik welcomes Railpool 6193 087 – with a new livery


6193 087 is one of the newest Railpool Vectron locomotives, just several months old. Together with 6193 086 it is, so far, the only multi-system Vectron in the fleet of the leasing company. Railpool stated it was delivered a bit ahead of schedule – giving it a bit of time to help out with refugee trains. Meanwhile it has been added to the fleet of freight operator TX Logistik, which gave it a full wrap right away:

Railpool > TXL 6193 087 © Loc&More

The machine now ‘thanks’ operators in the name of nature – for saving 388,140 tonnes of CO2 in 2021.

Railpool > TXL 6193 087 in Duisburg Ruhrort Hafen 24.04.2022 © Bernd Piplack

It is the second TX Logistik locomotive that got covered by a forest design – In 2021, 193 582 was released with a green heart. It is not the same motive though:

Alpha Trains > TX Logistik 193 582 and an ELL > TX Logistik 193 in Wanne Eickel – 28.05.2021 – Calvin Knepper

Read more about Railpool’s growing Vectron fleet:

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