[data] The Ost-West Logistic modern locomotive fleet is growing

Polish carrier Ost-West Logistic Poland has reinforced its fleet with Siemens Vectron locomotives from two lessors from the beginning of 2024. It has also added more freight cars to its fleet to transport cereals. The numbers:

The locomotive fleet

Ost-West Logistic Poland has significantly strengthened its fleet of leased multisystem locomotives in the past six months:

  • Already in fleet: Alpha Trains: 186 129;
  • May 2023: 3x 189 from Akiem = 189 203, 213, 451;
  • December 2023/January 2024: 2x Vectron MS from Cargounit = 5370 049 and 052;
  • early 2024: 2x Vectrons MS from RailPool = 6193 115 and 160

The Polish operator has 11 locomotives in its fleet, including three older diesel and eight modern electric locomotives. It also leases 120 freight cars from GBX for grain transport, which helps ensure its export from Ukraine to German ports.

Visibility is important

Logos began to appear on locomotives to make the company more visible. While the Cargounit Vectrons received more subtle logos, Railpool 6193 160 now has more prominent logos on both sides. 6193 115 remains unbranded for the time being.

RailPool > Ost-West Logistic Poland 193 160 © Ost-West Logistic Poland
Railpool > Ost-West Logistics 6193 160 in Krakow on 03.05.2024 © Rafał Dzięgiel

Ost-West Logistic Poland is a rail freight operator in Eastern and Western Europe and is part of OWLN Group based in Vienna, founded in 1998 in Ukraine. A Polish subsidiary was established in 2019.