Author: Nicolas Biały

[PL] Pesa wins Koleje Wielkopolskie order; third order for ELF 2

Recently, Koleje Wielkopolskie (KW) announced the winner of a tender for the delivery ten 5-carriage EMUs. Of the three submitted bids, Pesa had the best offer, proposing to deliver electric trains of their […]

[PL] First images: this is Pesa’s ELF 2 (for Koleje Śląskie)

In August 2016, Pesa showed the first visualizations of the upcoming successor of its ELF platform for EMUs, logically named ‘ELF 2’. Koleje Śląskie, the launching customer, ordered 13 units in total in three different configurations, and […]

[PL] Comeback of ET40-52; Now in service of Lotos Kolej

In 2009, PKP Cargo decided to withdraw their ET40 series locomotives, after 34 years of hauling heavy freight trains. In 2016, private operator Lokomotiv purchased five units, which are currently subjected to overhaul and repair […]

[PL] Dolnośląskie orders Newag Impuls for the fourth time

On the 13th of January, Newag announced having signed a contract with Koleje Dolnośląskie for the delivery of 11 five-car electric units, known as “Impuls”. The contract signing ceremony took place on […]

[PL] 17 more Newag EMUs for West Pomerania

For three years now 14 Impuls electric trains are in operation in West Pomerania (Zachodniopomorskie). These 4-car trains were produced by Newag in Nowy Sącz. Now, West Pomerania signed another contract with Newag, […]