[PL] Budokrusz receives a Dragon locomotive from Newag

Recently, Janusz Malinowski, president of Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna, published a picture of a “mystery” Dragon locomotive on twitter as it was being assembled by Newag in Nowy Sącz. Why was it a mystery? Because of its Newag corporate paint scheme and the anonymity of its future owner. It turns out, the locomotive will be operated by a new carrier, transporting aggregates: Budokrusz.

Today, the machine was officially presented on the premises of Budokrusz. The specifications of the designated E6ACTd-106 are identical to the Dragon locomotives produced for Freightliner PL: DC + a shunting diesel module. The air intakes for the combustion engine are visible on the sides of the 106.

The locomotive will be operated by train drivers of PKP Cargo. Budokrusz has also taken delivery of new freight wagons for the transportation of bulk materials.

Learn more about the Newag Dragon locomotives for various operators on Railcolor.net

Picture of E6ACTd-106, today presented on premises of the Budokrusz company. Picture by Jan Kośka.