[DE] ELP releases EuroDual locomotives for Rail Force One

Brand new locomotives 2159 257 and 258 have changed their looks. They got the Rail Force One design similar to 2019 302, shown during Innotrans 2022.  Both 257 and 258 have REV 04.12.2023.

Now there are five Stadler locomotives with this design: Euro9000/2019 302/303/304 and Eurodual/2159 257/258. The latter two have a livery that is different in detail to fit the different positions of the air vents on a Eurodual. All designs are created by Railcolor Design.

ELP > RFO 2159 257 in December 2023 © ELP

The fleet of ELP EuroDuals is very colourful. The leasing company offers its customers a package that includes a full wrap, an option most lessees use. So far, we count 40 (!) different variations:

ELP EuroDual in model

Modell maker Sudexpress is producing many designs in scale h0 (and soon other scales) – You need an overview? have a look at Sudexpress’ Flickr account. Newly available are:

Full overview of all locomotives here:

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