[DE] Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn – EuroDual update

In April, Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn (MEG), took delivery of its first EuroDual locomotive, 159 225, which got red (cabs) and grey (frame) stickers. Its center part remained white. Meanwhile extra stickers have been applied, making clear MEG needs more employees (image in this article). 

On 05.05.2021 EuroDual no. 2 and 3 arrived at Schopkau, MEG’s home depot. These two locomotives, 159 217 and 226, arrived in Germany in April. All three machines got the same red/grey design.

Founded in 1998, MEG is a joint-venture of DB Cargo (80%) and VTG (20%). It operates rail freight connections between Central Germany (Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Brandenburg) with the country’s North Sea ports, as well as with the Bavarian region.

ELP > MEG 159 225 in Blönsdorf – 06.05.2021 – Mirko Riemer