[DE] Rail Force One Euro9000 line-up – third locomotive ready

ELP 2019 303 is the third ELP Euro9000 in Rail Force One design, released earlier this week. Rail Force One took the opportunity to bring all three branded machines together and organised a line-up in Lünen:

ELP > RFO 2019 302 and 303 in Lünen on 03.10.2023 @ Johann van Staaijeren

So now we have:

In detail, the liveries of the machines differ. 303 and 304 have black air vents on the side, with a gap between ‘Rail’ and ‘Force’. We also changed the white ‘waves’ on the side for 303/304, making them less dominant. 303’s front is slightly different, with the red and black areas around the headlights in a different shape.

ELP > RFO 2019 303, 304, 302 in Lünen on 03.10.2023 @ Johann van Staaijeren

Rail Force One was the first operator to order Euro9000s from ELP back in 2020. The locomotives can not yet be used to their full potential as the official certifications for Italy and the Netherlands have not been issued.