[DE] We present: The final design for EBS’ new EuroDual

Within the next weeks, German operator Erfurter Bahnservice (EBS) will receive a new Stadler EuroDual locomotive, leased from ELP

In a fifty-fifty partnership, Railcolor Design and OnTrack are working closely together to create a new look for EBS. The design has three main elements:

  • History vs. Modernity – The black represents the company’s history, there is more red and white in the design than before – They bring the livery ‘to the now’.
  • The EBS logos got a prominent place; The Erfurt’s church towers in the logo inspired us to add white, sharp ornamental lines to the design.
  • These white lines, together with the big red diagonals (and don’t forget about the red snow plows!) make the locomotive athletic and powerful. They emphasize the length of the locomotive and tell you what this is a powerful machine.
Artist impression ELP > EBS EuroDual – May 2021 – Railcolor/OnTrack