[DE] Erfurter Bahnservice (EBS) goes hybrid with an ELP EuroDual

As mentioned briefly in our Loco Update, Erfurter Bahnservice (EBS) is one of the latest German operators to launch freight services powered with EuroDuals from ELP. The company has joined, among others, Ecco-Rail, Starkenberger, and LWC, and is now using hybrid power for some of its freight services.

We thank Dennis Teschner (check out his Instagram for more railway pictures) for sharing his nice picture with us.

EuroDual 159 220 is now active in Germany for rail freight operator ErfurterBahnService. On 13.02.2021, Dennis Teschner caught it passing near Dauelsen (Verden, DE) with an empty lumber train service:

159 220 of ELP > EBS seen near Dauelsen (DE) on 13.02.2021 Photo credit: Dennis Teschner

EBS’s use of 159 220 is a temporary solution, until more ELP-locomotives arrive.

What if…

With the locomotive still being ‘factory white’, our creative minds had fun making a fictitious livery for the machine in the colors of EBS:

Photoshop impression by Railcolor. There is no relation to Erfurter Bahnservice, ELP nor Stadler Rail.

For a general overview of ELP’s EuroDual fleet, visit our [Data] page below:

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