[DE] Eighth EuroDual locomotive for Heavy Haul Power International


German freight operator Heavy Haul Power International (HHPI) has ordered the lease for its eighth Stadler EuroDual locomotive from European Loc Pool (ELP).

On 24.10.2022, HHPI announced it would be adding one more EuroDual to its fleet in 2023. According to HHPI, the EuroDuals it currently operates achieve an availability of 97%, making the operator very happy with the new rolling stock. Thanks to their performance and associated savings, the eight EuroDuals will be effectively replacing HHPI’s fleet of ten Class 66 locomotives.

Artist impression ELP EuroDual for HHPI © ELP

HHPI EuroDual fleet overview

The fleet of HHPI EuroDuals keeps growing steadily. By now, the operator had seven ELP EuroDuals in its fleet. These are their stats:

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