[DE] In the picture: The BSAS EuroDual starts driving trains [updated x2]

Have you met ELP’s 159 208? It has two faces and it is quite striking. Recently, Railcolor News introduced you to this special EuroDual locomotive (interesting details included). After following carefully its background story. it is time to see it in action.

We thank Bastian Brattke (visit his Instagram), Johannes Knapp (check out his Flickr), and Marcel Lotzen (Instagram link) for sharing his nice picture with us. for more railway photography. This article was initially published on 15.04.2020 and updated on 16.04.2020 and 05.06.2020 (new pictures added). Scroll down to see the updates.

On 13.04.2020, the ‘Zugkunft’-designed hybrid locomotive was spotted in Dresden Stetsch (DE) with a nice tank car train on its way to Karlsruhe West:

ELP > BSAS’ EuroDual 159 208 seen in Dresden Stetsch with tank car on the way to Karlsruhe West (DE) Photo credit: Bastian Brattke

Update 16.04.2020

On 15.04.2020 the EuroDual was seen in Hanau West, running in the opposite direction (Karlsruhe West – Bad Schandau Ost) with service DGS 43395. Johannes Knapp captured it with the silver cab at the front:

ELP > BSAS’ EuroDual 159 208, seen in Nahau West 15.04.2020 Photo credit: Johannes Knapp

Update 05.06.2020

It’s been a while, but we could not say no to the nice images that follow, taken by Marcel Lotzen taken in Wiesental (DE). The hybrid locomotive was seen with another ‘tanker’ train, originating from Karlsruhe West and heading to Halle Trotha:

EuroDual 159 208 of ELP > BSAS, seen in Wiesental (DE) 29.05.2020 Photo credit: Marcel Lotzen

In the details – notice how the passing by ICE trainset’s red line blends nicely with the Austrian flag on the lower part of the EuroDual’s forward-facing cab:

EuroDual 159 208 of ELP > BSAS, seen in Wiesental (DE) 29.05.2020 Photo credit: Marcel Lotzen

The new EuroDuals caught in action on Railcolor News

With so many EuroDuals out recently, Railcolor News is making a coverage of their very first trains. We already introduced you to the following ones (and yes, stay tuned for more):

  • First came the HVLE ones (and they are different);
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And while pictures in action are certainly the most interesting part to see, there are all these background details – for example: Who is hiring all the ELP locomotives now?

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