Siemens Vectron ÖBB

On 05.03.2018 locomotive 1293 001 was the center of attention of a press event in Vienna. The event shows us the end result of a long tender procedure, that was launched back in October 2015 – it took the Austrian federal railways (ÖBB) more than 15 months to select a winner as the company decided to change its fleet strategy during the bidding process.

First there was room for manufacturers to come with innovative more experimental solutions – 6-axle or even 8-axle double locomotives were an option. But these plans were replaced by a safer option, and a much faster one: select a standardised product – tested and certified.

Siemens won, and so the ÖBB got Vectron electric locomotives. ‘91 81 1293 001-4 A-ÖBB‘ was the first to arrive – a standard 6.4 MW Vectron multi system locomotive with a top speed of 160 km/u and the new country specific package ‘AT-DE-IT-HU-CZ-PL-SK-HR-SI’.

The first batch of new locomotives was purchased for use by ÖBB’s freight divisions (Rail Cargo Group), replacing 1116 and 1216 being used on international freight routes.

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