[AT] In the picture: 4x new Vectrons outshopped – where are they going?

Four Vectron locomotives were recently spotted during their arrival in Regensburg – a central point where all Vectron locomotives are being sent for finetuning. Let’s have a closer look:

Railcolor News thanks Axel Schaer for submitting his image to the magazine.

The first one is easy to identify – 1293 175 is an ÖBB Vectron from the third batch that Siemens is currently delivering to the Austrian state operator. But then two blanks follow – literally – with works numbers 22740 and 22761, unassigned locos we describe here. Lastly, the plain blue 193 535 can be seen in the back. That is no.20 for Südleasung and SBB Cargo International, yes the last one.

ÖBB’s 1293 175, leading a Vectron transfer train, seen arriving in Regensburg (DE) on 29.05.2020 Photo credit: Axel Schaer