[AT] It goes on: ÖBB is taking delivery of more brand new Vectrons

Yes, ÖBB’s Vectron fleet keeps growing further and further. Just yesterday, a batch of four brand new locomotives was spotted on its way to Vienna.

The locomotives in question were 1293 180, 181, 183, and 182. The picture below shows them passing through St. Valentin (AT):

ÖBB Vectrons 1293 180+181+183+182 on their way to Vienna, seen at St. Valentin (AT) 27.07.2020 Photo credit: Andreas Kepplinger

[Data] The Siemens Vectron for ÖBB

Looking for a clear overview of the entire Vectron project for ÖBB – all the way from the time twin-section units were still a possibility? Look no further, our Expert subscribers have access to the dedicated [Data] dossier for this project:

[Data] Siemens Vectron ÖBB