[AT] In the picture: ÖBB 1293 200 in freight service [updated]

In May we saw the creation of a Nightjet-Vectron. ÖBB decided to give its newest 1293 a make-over in the colours of its sleeper train product. But the ÖBB-Vectrons are dedicated freight locomotives, a different colour does not change that (for now).

Alas, 1293 200 is back fulfilling its duty as freight loco. Petr Nohel, Nino Haller, Dani Szabó, and Daniel Plaszczyk caught the locomotive in action:

ÖBB 1293 200 near Podivín (section Břeclav – Podivín) on 16.06.2021 – © Petr Nohel
ÖBB 1293 200 in Gramatneusiedl with freight train DG 55501 from Vienna to Villach – 19.06.2021 – Nino Haller
ÖBB 1293 200 in Hungary – Hegyeshalom on 28.06.2021 – Dani Szabó
OBB 1293 200 in Chałupki on 11.07.2021 – Daniel Plaszczyk

Imagine the freight cars had a red/grey striping…