[AT] Vectron goes Nightjet – 1293 200 released [updatedx2]

This article was originally published on 23.05.2021 – and updated on 24.05.2021 (new pictures added; scroll down to see them).

Whoever thought an ÖBB Vectron would become a Nightjet promotor in 2021? Although ordered for freight duty, 1293 200 makes an exception. It just got released in the known blue Nightjet livery, being locomotive no. 3 in this design, next to 1116 195 and 1216 012. Werner Hoyer-Weber and Dominik Pauli present:

ÖBB 1293 200 in Nightjet design – May 2021 – Werner Hoyer-Weber

With this locomotive, ÖBB can create an all-blue Nightjet train all across Europe – 1293 200 is an A60-locomotive: DE-AT-PL-NL-BE-CZ-SK-HU-RO-BG-HR-RS.

ÖBB 1293 200 in Nightjet design – May 2021 – Werner Hoyer-Weber

Update 24.05.2021 (1)

The pictures that follow show the other side of the locomotive which differs from the one seen above due to the asymmetrical design of the livery:

1293 200 of ÖBB, seen in Wien Westbahnhof (AT) Photo credit: Dominik Pauli

On 24.05.2021 the machine was out with 10 Nightjet coaches as service SLP 14246 from Wien Westbahnhof to Wien Matzleinsdorf. Dominik Pauli took the photo below at Wien Penzing:

1293 200 of ÖBB, seen in Wien Penzing (AT) Photo credit: Dominik Pauli

Update 24.05.2021 (2)

For those who were hoping; the Vectron is not pulling the first Nightjet to Amsterdam. This evening 1116 195 left Vienna with the NJ490/NJ40490 to Hamburg/Nürnberg/Amsterdam.