[HU] Third-batch ÖBB Vectrons on tests in Hungary

With batch number three already in progress, Railcolor News has been closely monitoring the latest ÖBB Vectron developments. Today we see a couple of these locomotives on tests in Hungary.

Hungary’s Hegyeshalom – that special place where some of the newest European crossborder locomotives appear for tests. Today, a pair of brand new ÖBB Vectrons makes its debut under the sunshine, as seen through the lens of Norbert Tilai:

ÖBB’s 1293 050 + 1293 051, seen on a test drive in Hegyeshalom 15.04.2020 Photo credit: Norbert Tilai

These are our records of the two locomotives from the picture which are equipped with the A35 country package:

  • NVR: 91 81 1293 050-1 A-OBB / Works number: 22704 / Acceptance date: MMAL 13.01.20;
  • NVR: 91 81 1293 051-9 A-OBB / Works number: 22665 / Acceptance date: MMAL 13.01.20.

For a broader overview of all recently outshopped ÖBB Vectrons, make sure to check out our Expert article below:

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