[EU] InnoTrans 2018: ÖBB Vectron 1293 018

Product: Siemens Vectron MS for the Austrian railways (ÖBB)

Super new? First locomotives of this type was presented in March 2018

Where will it operate? Across Europe, freight transport

Vehicle details: ÖBB 1293 018 with special stickers, as it is the 500th Siemens loco for ÖBB – it is also a very representative locomotive showing Siemens Vectron’s modularity and interoperability, as the locomotive has the extensive A32 package: AT-DE-IT-HU-CZ-PL-SK-HR-SI

Why on the InnoTrans: ÖBB is a big customer for Siemens, the operator has ordered up to 200 Vectron locomotives – 47 are now a fixed order, the 018 is part of the first batch of 30 multi system machines (1293 001-030) currently under delivery

Remarkable 1: During the InnoTrans, the red crosses in the loco’s UIC grid were removed, although the loco has not been authorised for all countries yet, Siemens is still working on it

Remarkable 2: the ÖBB Vectron has different head light technology, all LED, where (most?) Vectron still have two conventionel lights

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