[AT] No experiments: ÖBB orders up to 200 Vectron locomotives from Siemens

  • Framework contract of up to 200 Vectron locomotives
  • First tranche for 30 Vectron MS
  • Delivery to begin in summer of 2018

Austrian Railways (ÖBB) has signed a framework contract with Siemens for the delivery of up to 200 Vectron locomotives. Under the contract, up to 100 alternating current (AC) locomotives, 50 alternating current (AC) locomotives with diesel power modules, and 50 multisystem (MS) locomotives can be called up.

A firm order for 30 MS locomotives was placed at the signing. The locomotives will be built in the Siemens plant in Munich-Allach, Germany. The first units are to be delivered beginning in summer of 2018.

“Winning the biggest tender for locomotives in Europe underscores one thing above all: the capability of our Vectron platform. It offers the greatest flexibility throughout the locomotive’s entire lifecycle. And for operators that means they can make longterm plans for the future,” said Jochen Eickholt, CEO of Siemens Mobility Division.

The locomotives will be operated by the Rail Cargo Group, the freight division of ÖBB. They will be used for cross-border freight transport in Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. In addition to having national control systems, all locomotives will also be equipped with the European Train Control System (ETCS). The locomotives have a maximum output of 6,400 KW and a top speed of 160 km/h.

Source: Siemens

Railcolor comment: The original tender from November 2015 The result is that manufacturers could offer more conventional, standardized products. Challenging (read more expensive) concepts such as six-axle locomotives, dual-modes or even double locomotives are not mentioned anymore. Instead, Siemens will build Vectron locomotives; a proven design that is already homologated in all countries mentioned (only Italia is still pending for the Vectron MS), which should lead to a smooth and fast introduction.

The Siemens factory in Munich-Allach will be building the locomotives, which means the Linz works in Austria will not be part of the assembly process, as was the case with building the ÖBB Taurus locomotives back in the 00s.