[AT] It’s a wrap! Siemens finishes the production of Vectrons for ÖBB

From the initial frame agreement for Vectrons in various versions to the production of more than one-hundred multi-system electrics. It all has been covered over the years. Now the current chapter can be closed: All locomotives on order have been produced. 91 81 1293 200-2 A-ÖBB is the newest one.

What started as a frame contract for 200 AC, last-mile, and MS Vectron locomotives has resulted in the construction of 108 multi-system locomotives. At least for now. Two country-specific packages were installed:

  • 80 x A35 version – ÖBB 1293 001-080;
  • 28 x A60 version – ÖBB 1293 173-200;

To get a good picture of how it all started, developed, and changed over time, Railcolor News has built a separate Data page of Siemens Vectrons for OBB.

[Data] Siemens Vectron ÖBB


Remarkable: red Vectrons in a very similar livery will keep popping up: The livery of the 42 new Vectrons for DSB is very similar to the ÖBBs.