[DK / Expert] Litra EB go! The first new electrics for DSB in 20 years [updatedx2]

 Denmark is a relatively small country – with many of its main lines not yet electrified. Yet, the country is working on its transition, so electric trains will be the future. In the past, the role of the electric locomotives in Denmark was limited.

There is the series EA (or ‘Litra’ EA) from the 80s, of which most have already been withdrawn or transferred to other countries and Litra EG from the late 90s, which are still in use for heavy freight transport of DB Cargo. That makes 35 in total, all over twenty years old now.

We thank Martin Voigt, David Pinto, and Blueberry Island for sharing their images and video!

So you can imagine that the arrival of a new type of locomotive is big news. On 13.09.2020 the era of Litra EB officially started. The first three new Siemens Vectron locomotives started their journey in a RailAdventure train, from Munich to Denmark. EB 3201, EB 3202, EB 3203 are the first of series of 42 (!) that was ordered in several steps over the past years.

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