[DK] Number 1,000! Siemens’ milestone Vectron goes to DSB

Siemens Mobility has reached an impressive milestone – the sale of its 1000th Vectron is now a fact. The Anniversary locomotive is part of the now officially confirmed additional order placed by the Danish State Railways (DSB).

Vectron #1000

We’ve been waiting for this to happen for some time now, and now it is official: Siemens has officially sold more than 1000 Vectron locomotives. The news follows after the confirmation of a third batch for the Danish state railways DSB (26 in 2018, 8 in 2019 and now another 8), a purchase that had been given a green light by the Danish government back in mid-2018.

The first 26 locomotives are needed to replace the aging fleet of EA electrics and ME diesel locomotives. The Vectrons will operate double-deck trains (Bombardier Twindexx coaches) and regional services in the Sjælland area. The remaining 16 locomotives from the 2019/2020 orders are needed to  ‘sandwich’ the new international passenger trains connecting Denmark and Germany.

Back to Siemens. It has sold now a total of 1,003 Vectrons to 49 different customers:

  • The first Vectron was delivered in 2012;
  • In operation in 16 different countries;
  • Authorized for 19: AT, BE, BG, HR, CZ, FI, DE, HU, IT, NL, NO, PL, RO, RS, SK, SI, SE, CH, TR;
  • 300+ million fleet kilometers;
  • All locomotives built in Munich-Allach.

Note that Siemens does not count its Smartron sales, nor are Vectron Diesel / Dual Mode included. It is purely about Vectron electrics in the three DC/AC/MS versions.

Infographic by Siemens

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Want to know more? On the Siemens Vectron Data page, Railcolor records all known versions and customers:

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