[SI] Gallery: ÖBB 1293 001 being tested in Slovenia

The brand new ÖBB Vectrons have began their crusade across Europe. Since last week they are in revenue service in Austria and Italy. Today, 1293 001 was seen running tests in Slovenia.

Last week 1293 012 drove a freight train to Udine in Italy. Today, 1293 001 is ongoing compatibility tests in Slovenia. Various systems were tested, such as AzLM (axle counting), GSMr, Zugfunk, as well as the overall performance during operation on Slovenian infrastructure. It is expected that ÖBB Vectrons will eventually replace the (RTS/ÖBB) 1216s in country.

We thank Rok Žnidarčič for sharing his photo-impressions from the tests – make sure to check his Instagram profile.