Bombardier TRAXX AC1

From 1999, when the 185 001 for DB Schenker was completed, until the delivery of 185 557 to MRCE, Adtranz/Bombardier has been building 374 dual-frequency locomotives for predominantly freight services. DB Schenker’s order for 200 of such units was the main driver behind the development of the Traxx AC1, as it was retrospectively designated in 2003.

For (German) railfans, this type is better known as ‘Baureihe 185.0’. It is the dual-frequency version of the original 145-concept from the mid-nineties, with adjustments to make it better suitable for international freight services. It can run under both 15kV and 25kV AC voltage systems. The Traxx AC1 is used by operators in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, and France.

As the original 185 055 of DB Schenker was damaged in 2003, a replacement body for this unit was built by Bombardier in 2004. This is the 375th locomotive of the AC1 type.

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Tech specs

product description asynchrone bi-tension electric locomotive
production period 1999 – 2005
total number built 374 + 1 replacement body
track gauge 1435 mm
traction converter
water-cooled, GTO-technology
number of axles
axle configuration
84 t
axle load 21 t
length of buffers
18.900 mm
maximum width 2.978 mm
height (cabin roof top) 3.845 mm
wheel base (distance center of bogies) 2.600 mm
wheel diameter (max / min) 1250 / 1170 mm
line voltage
15kV AC and 25kV AC
140-160 kph*
duration power rating
4.200/5.600 kW**
tractive effort
300 kN
braking effort 240 kN
* propulsion with nose suspended motors: 140 kph, hollow shaft propulsion: 160 kph
** 4.200 power was boosted during contruction period, after software reset

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