[DE] It is important you learn these signals! (New stickers on DB 146 115)


Various messages are communicated on advertising locomotives, known as Werbeloks. This one is special, though. It educates people on hand signals showing discomfort to improve the safety in trains.

The DB trainees (“Azubis”)  program includes a campaign that fights against hate and violence. This campaign aims to create togetherness for tolerant and respectful train journeys — a clear message against xenophobia, right-wing extremism, racism, and discrimination.

After several cases of kidnapping and domestic violence, the “Bahn-Azubis gegen Hass und Gewalt” promote simple hand signals that can help people in public spaces to express their discomfort and need for help. The signs are helpful for people who are harassed or feel threatened by others but are afraid to raise their voices or call for help.

146 115 of DB Regio with a special Bahn-Azubis educational campaign © Martin Drube

The signal is simple: First, the hand is raised, the palm faces the other person, and the thumb sticks out. The thumb is folded into the palm of the hand. Then the remaining fingers are placed over it as if trying to enclose the thumb.

So now you know how it works. The three-step procedure is now shown on locomotive 146 115, so it can be taught to others.

It is not the first time that Bahn-Azubis gegen Hass und Gewalt release a special locomotive. Various Class 101 electrics got full wraps in the past for the group: 101 101, 101 102, 101 141 (2x).