[DE] WRS Deutschland adds Alpha Trains TRAXX locomotives to its fleet

Recently, we saw what a BR 120 could possibly look like, wearing the WRS blue livery. But there is more fleet news about the German subsidiary of Widmer Rail Services: new TRAXX F140 AC1 electrics.

On 20.08.2019, a picture of several 185 series locomotives appeared on WRS Deutschland’s Facebook page – three electrics the private operator is adding to its fleet. Only a day later 185 536 ‘debuted’ with a freight train at Muttenz Rbf in Switzerland, already wearing the WRS logos on its sides and cab fronts. Tristan Zielinski made a picture:

185 536 with its first train for WRS Deutschland, seen at Muttenz Rbf (CH) 21.08.2019 Photo: Tristan Zielinski
Alpha Trains > WRS DEutschland 185 525 in Müllheim (Baden) on 22.08.2019 – Kai-Florian Köhn

Locomotive numbers

WRS is now leasing Alpha Trains’ TRAXX F140 AC1 electrics in blue and silver with DE-AT-CH package. Three of the five machines (525-527 and 535-536) this leasing company owns of this type:

  • 91 80 6185 525-3 D-ATLU = Bombardier 33592
  • 91 80 6185 535-2 D-ATLU = Bombardier 33677
  • 91 80 6185 536-0 D-ATLU = Bombardier 33680