[CH] ELP: Euro9000 now authorized for use in Switzerland

The Euro9000 is slowly but surely starting to make its operational debut throughout Europe. After being granted authorization for placement in service in Germany and Austria in March of 2023, ELP now announces the next addition to the list: Switzerland.

Tests in the home country of Stadler and ELP started in 2021 with locomotive 2019 301 and included running on the steep inclines of the famous Gotthard railway. Switzerland has some of the most crucial European rail corridors running through its heart, and the authorization is undoubtedly a big step for the program.

Authorization pending

The Euro9000 locomotives currently delivered to ELP and its customers will be authorized for DE-AT-CH-IT-BE-NL. This means that the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy still have Authorization pending with ERA.

The authorization for the full corridor was originally expected to be completed in April 2023. ELP states: “The approvals in Belgium
and the Netherlands are expected in the coming weeks, with Italy following in 2024.”

This leaves several customers, such as RTB Cargo and Rail Force One not able to use their (multi-system) Euro9000s to their full geographical potential.

ELP also shared this exciting chart, displaying how the Euro9000s tractive effort (kN) compares to other contemporary (Swiss) locomotives:


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