[CH] ELP: three Euro9000 locomotives for railCare from Switzerland

European Loc Pool (ELP) has announced a new deal for three Euro9000 locomotives with railCare from Switzerland.  railCare specializes in providing end-to-end transportation solutions for COOP, their 100% shareholder and one of the largest retail companies in Switzerland. Since 2010, their trains have been primarily used for transporting company-owned goods.

Artist impression by Railcolor

Philipp Wegmüller, CEO of railCare, emphasizes the superiority of the Euro9000 locomotives: “We were in search of locomotives with cutting-edge technology and high energy efficiency. The Euro9000 not only meets these criteria but also offers unmatched pulling power. This allows us to increase transport capacity on the Lötschberg and Gotthard routes.”

The Euro9000 locomotives will also be used on other national connections of railCare. Thanks to their last-mile capability and remote control technology, the Euro9000 provides maximum operational flexibility for railCare’s entire network of routes. All three locomotives will be delivered in Q3 next year.

You may know railCoop for its seven B22-Vectron locomotives with diesel power module – 476 451-457 that entered service in 2017/2018:

Photo: Tim Roux