[BE] In the picture: Euro9000 on tests in Belgium [updated x3]

 This article was originally published on 10.10.2022 – and was updated on 24.10.2022, 01.11.2022 and 24.11.2022 (new pictures and information added)


ELP’s & RFO’s Euro9000 was certainly one of the stars of this year’s InnoTrans edition. Meanwhile, Stadler is busy with the certification of the platform across Europe. Last month one of the testbed locos was spotted in Belgium.

The Euro9000 made it to Belgium in mid-September. Thanks to Anas Seyour (Flickr gallery here) we have a visual:

2019 301 of Stadler Rail / ELP in Schaerbeek (BE) 14.10.2022 © Anas Seyour


According to Anas, the tests were related to ETCS- equipment certification. What catches the eye about this photo is that the loco has its panto down, as it was running in diesel mode.

We remind you that the serially-produced Euro9000s come with 2x 950kW Stage V CAT C32 combustion engines that can also be used for a “power boost” under 3kV DC – which is the case for Belgium.

Update 24.10.2022

More than a month later, Belgium’s same loco is still busy with tests. Gwenaël Piérart (check out his Flickr albums) caught it again at Schaerbeek station on 21.10.2022. This time we’re seeing it from its other side (Cab 1). Notice also the flying machinery behind it:

2019 301 of Stadler Rail / ELP in Schaerbeek (BE) 21.10.2022 © Gwenaël Piérart

Update 01.11.2022

The tests are still in full swing. According to ELP, on 31.10.2022 a Euro9000 was running trials on the line between Visé and Maastricht. We’re taking this opportunity to add a couple more pictures of 2019 301, seen in Aachen-West (DE) – courtesy of Roy Hameleers:

Update 24.11.2022

It’s getting more and more interesting as the tests continue. On 19.11.2022 Gwenaël caught the Euro9000 heading a train of 8 passenger cars and the Siemens-built SNCB HLE 1892 – at the back of the train in the picture below from Péruwelz station:

2019 301 of Stadler Rail / ELP + SNCB HLE 1892 at Péruwelz station (BE) 19.11.2022 © Gwenaël Piérart

The autumn landscape below taken in Maubray (BE) shows the Siemens loco right after the Euro9000:

2019 301 of Stadler Rail / ELP + SNCB HLE 1892 in Maubray (BE) 19.11.2022 © Gwenaël Piérart

Earlier this year, we saw 2019 301 being tested in the Netherlands:

[NL] In the picture: Euro9000 testing in the Netherlands