[design] ELP and HSL Logsitik present Euro9000 no.3: the Bull


Ok, we did not see that coming – after JubileeRider and DesertRider, HSL Logistik presents its third Euro9000 in a very different style: abstract – in HSL’s classic colours brown and orange:

ELP > HSL Logistik 2019 314 in Braunschweig in February 2024 © ELP

ELP: “This locomotive is called the Bull – symbolising the power of the Euro9000. HSL is currently planning to expand its fleet by five Euro9000 locomotives. Three now have been delivered; the last two will be added following the successful approval of the Euro9000 in Italy.”

Clearly, the sale of Exploris, HSL’s mother company, to Mercitalia from Italy, does not mean the HSL stops investing in its own identity.

In the picture: HSL Logistik-brown locomotives:

Beacon Rail > HSL Logistik 185 600 on 27.10.2021 © Christian Klotz
HSL 187 536 and 1002 044 in Bremen (DE) 25.03.2022 © Martin Priebs
Alpha Trains > HSL Netherland 1324 / 272 201 in Rotterdam – 02.12.2020 – Henk Zwoferink