[NL] In the picture: Euro9000 testing in the Netherlands

On 13.12.2021, we reported that a Stadler Euro9000 (number 2019 301) had arrived in the Netherlands for authorization testing. Now, over a month later, its Dutch adventure is ongoing. Many thanks to Arny Bouwmeester and Chris Westerduin for capturing this process in January, during which it had several dates with Vectrons.

The main testing areas for the Euro9000 included the ‘Betuweroute’ freight corridor, where it has been trialed on its 25kv AC and ETCS capability. It was seen together with Hupac 193 492* and Südleasing > SBB Cargo International’s 193 533, both acting as braking locomotives on separate days (so no multiple traction!).

*Sidenote: 193 492 was the original ‘nightpiercer’!

Stadler / ELP’s 2019 301 and SBBCI’s 193 553 in Valburg (NL), © Chris Westerduin
Stadler / ELP’s 2019 301 and SBBCI’s 193 553 in Kijfhoek (NL), © Chris Westerduin
Stadler / ELP’s 2019 301 and HUPAC 193 492 on the Betuweroute (NL), © Arny Bouwmeester

The main Dutch railway network has also seen some Co’Co’ action, with the 1500V and ATB equipment being tested, as seen below:

Stadler / ELP’s 2019 301 at Westervoort (NL), © Chris Westerduin

ELP ordered its first ten Euro9000 locomotives with DE-AT-CH-IT-BE-NL package in back in May 2019 and has already seen customers intending to use it in the Netherlands, including Rail Force One and RTB Cargo.

Stadler / ELP’s 2019 301 solo on the Betuweroute (NL), © Chris Westerduin