[CH] The Alppiercer Gallery: SBB CI Vectron Bonanza


Let’s face it: SBB Cargo International’s Vectrons are one of Europe’s most celebrated loco fleets. And that’s no coincidence as these locomotives keep growing not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of colors. In this article, we’ll take a flash overview of almost all the variations seen through Martin Gobeli’s lens. There’s also a bonus at the end.

No texts, just pure locomotive pixel perfection and color variations, that’s what this post is all about. Just sit back and enjoy Martin Gobeli’s photo impressions. And once you’re done, make sure to follow him on Flickr too.

Let’s start with a classic “Alppiercer” red that grabs the attention. 193 477 “Fulda” – part of the original LokRoll Vectron fleet opens this gallery with a Winner-KLV intermodal from June 2022:

193 477 “Fulda” is on its way to Basel with the Winner-KLV, seen in Birr AG (CH) on the evening of 25.06.2022 © Martin Gobeli

The “Alppiercer 2” in Südleasing blue comes second with 193 517 “Adda” and 193 529 “Neckar” in Hornussen AG (CH) from roughly a month ago:

193 517 “Adda” and 193 529 “Neckar” at Hornussen AG (CH) 11.07.2022 © Martin Gobeli

Up next we have a second blue duo materialized by 193 532 “Rhein” and 193 533 “Rhone”. Notice that the loco on the front is different; it’s the second edition of the “Nightpiercer” (here is the first one). The image was taken in 2020::

193 532 “Rhein” and 193 533 “Rhone” near Tecknau BL (CH) 30.05.2020 © Martin Gobeli

Two years later, that same 193 532 is seen leading another train, but there’s something different behind it…

Nightpiercer 193 532 “Rhein” is on its way south together with Shadowpiercer 193 665 “Thunersee” near Brunegg AG (CH) 09.08.2022 © Martin Gobeli

Did you guess it? It’s one of several “Shadowpiercer” locos that SBB CI is leasing from MRCE, seen below near Schinznach-Dorf on the Bözberg

Shadowpiercer 193 657 “Lago Maggiore” is on its way from the south towards Basel, shortly before Schinznach-Dorf on the Bözberg (CH) 29.05.2022. © Martin Gobeli

More black? No problem, but let’s add a splash of orange to the side. Here comes 193 701, also known as the “Ruhrpiercer”:

193 701 “Ruhrpiercer” is on its way south, photographed near Brunegg AG (CH) 28.05.2022 © Martin Gobeli

Let’s keep the specials rolling. Here we have the 193 525 “Rotterdam” a.k.a. the “Hollandpiercer”, on one of its very first missions back in 2020:

Hollandpiercer 193 525 “Rotterdam” with one of its first trains seen near Brugg AG (CH) on 02.04.2020 © Martin Gobeli

Bonus: The Alppiercer TRAXX

Vectrons are in focus here, but SBB CI also uses Akiem-leased TRAXX-es that were an Alppiercer 2 variation motif on their sides. Here’s one of them leading another Winner intermodal train, fresh from this summer:

186 906 and 193 527 with the Winner intermodal shuttle towards Basel, seen shortly before Hornussen AG (CH) 12.08.2022 © Martin Gobeli

Did we miss something? Yes sure, there are even more specials in the fleet of SBB CI. For example:

  • The Ceneri2020-branded 193 518:

[CH] In the picture: SBB Cargo International’s new Ceneri2020 locomotive

  • Die Güterbahnen” 193 659:

[DE / Expert] Launch of “Die Güterbahnen” – special locomotives arriving [updatedx2]

  • And finally, the freshly released “Five years after Rastatt” 193 518:

[CH] “Five years after Rastatt” – Extra slogan for SBBCI Vectron 193 518

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