[DE] The Nightpiercer and the Flixtrain [updated]

About last weekend: One of the Railpool Vectrons had to pay a visit to the workshops, so another workhorse had to be found to pull Flixtrains on 16.02.2019 and 17.02.2019. Hupac’s 193 492 ‘Nightpiercer’ was ready to take on this job and was documented numerous times while running from Köln to Hamburg and back. We share some impressions below.

This article was originally published on 19.02.2019 – and updated on 04.03.2019 (new pictures added). We thank all photographers for sharing their impressive pictures with us.

Köln by Martin Morkowsky
Köln by Marcel Lotzen
Köln by Marcel Lotzen

Köln-Stammheim by Alexander Light
Münster Westfalen by Achim Scheil
Ottersberg by Philippe Debuis
Duisburg by Arny Bouwmeester


Sagehorn by Alexandre Zanello

Update: more pictures

Natrup-Hagen by Jens Hartwig
Duisburg by Jeroen Franssen

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