[SK] #EUYearofRail: A special ZSSK Vectron design coming soon

Following a recently-held contest, a brand new Vectron livery design is about to debut in Slovakia very soon. The familiar 383 110 of ZSSK will become the #EUYearofRail locomotive of the state-owned passenger operator. Railcolor brings you the story of the winning design, shared by its creator.

Simon Lukáč, an avid trainspotter and railway fan from Slovakia, is the winner of ZSSK’s recent livery design contest. His environmentally-inspired proposal won the hearts of both the expert jury and the public vote which took place on Facebook.

Simon explains: “My initial idea was different and the winning inspiration hit literally in the very last moment – it was on the deadline-day on my way from school. I was travelling by train and suddenly, looking out of the train window, I realised the beauty of the surrounding country.

I was enjoying the views and the idea of the design was born – the hills connected by the railway viaduct. The rest was done behind the computer. I was finishing the details like the flora and fauna and the #EUYearofRail slogans. The whole design (..) took approximately 9 intense hours.

As for the colours, I was inspired by the visual identity of the #EUYearofRail. The colour-combination seemed to me as the best fitting the existing colours of the campaign. I hope the design emphasises the environmental friendliness of the railway transport, which is symbolised by the fauna and flora.”

The best is yet to come, of course: seeing the design materialize in 3D! So get your cameras ready.

The liveries of ZSSK’s 383 110

Vectron 383 110 of ZSSK is famous for its livery transformations. At present, the locomotive is sporting the Thundercat design that symbolized ZSSK’s  which

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And previously, the same locomotive was nicknamed Macejko, resembling ZSSK’s 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey Wolrd Championship werbelok Vectron:

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About 383 110

  • EVN-number: 91 56 6383 110-4 SK-RAILL;
  • Works number: 22412;
  • Year built: 2018;
  • Country package: DE-AT-PL-CZ-SK-HU-RO (A01)

#EUYearofRail’s Connecting Europe Express

With the Connecting Europe Express scheduled to arrive in Bratislava (SK) on 10.09.2021, Vectron 383 110 will be a perfect match for the special train. Check out our article below to find more details about the initiative:

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