[SK] ZSSK’s Vectron livery design contest is over – and these are the winners

Earlier this week, ZSSK announced the winning designs in its recent Vectron livery design competition. Two proposals were selected as the winning ones in two categories:

Part of its ongoing “Going by train is responsible” campaign, the contest was launched in mid-May and announced on ZSSK’s Facebook page. The competitors had to come up with a design that blends in with ZSSK’s specially updated, Covid 19-themed logo, featuring two caring hands underneath the original emblem of the state operator.

Expert jury award

The expert jury award goes to Konstantin Planinski who, coincidentally, is part of the Railcolor team:

Livery design impression by Konstantin Planinski / BackOnTrack Studios

Public vote award

At the same time, ZSSK conducted a public vote on Facebook with 4 further designs. The fourth of them won the audience’s hearts. It was designed by Lukáš Vyskoč. His design is shown second in the post below:

A new outfit for Vectron 383 110

According to an earlier post by ZSSK, the winning design from the Expert jury category will be replacing the familiar ‘Macejko’ livery – Slovakia’s official hockey championship Vectron werbelok. This means that Vectron 383 110 will be soon seen in with a new outfit. Learn more about it in the post below:

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