[SK] Vectron locomotives for S Rail Lease? We have more details

In the Railcolor Weekly from 03.10.2017 (no. 39/17) we already mentioned the maiden run of a white ‘383 101-3’ with vehicle keeper marking SK-RAILL. Looking this up in the ERA register learned us that the locomotive will be property of S Rail Lease s.r.o. from Bratislava in Slovakia. Time for more research.

We and Zdopravy.cz found out that S Rail Lease was one of two bidders on the lease locomotive contract issued by the Slovakian state railways (ZSSK) in late June. ELL was the other one. The timing is interesting. S Rail Lease was only established on 13.07.2017, being a very young company. It is part of the Erste Group from Austria. The locomotive above already had its maiden run on 15.09.2017, so things are going fast. At this moment we are in the standstill period of the contract, ELL can still object.

ZSSK wants ten lease ten locomotives, multi system electrics. The first three should be available for revenue service this December. On 30.06.2018 seven units should be delivered. The batch of ten should be complete on 31.12.2018.

Update 05.10.2017 19.30 CET: ekonomika.sme.sk the ZSSK contract has a value of 59 million euro – it includes a rentel period of 10 years and maintenance.

Earlier this year, ZSSK tested ELL Vectron locomotive 193 222 in every day service.

‘S Rail Lease’ 383 101-3 on 15.09.2017 – Photo: Klaus Seidl
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