[RO] Transmontana 17 joins DB Cargo’s “I am European” fleet

Railcolor News has brought you fairly detailed coverage on DB Cargo Germany’s ‘I am European’ Vectron fleet. Recently, another subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn joined the initiative: DB Cargo Romania.

We thank Alextasy Angel for sharing his nice pictures with us.

This time it’s not a Vectron, it’s a Romanian-built Co-Co electric from the Transmontana family. 480 017 is the lucky one with the distinctive ‘I am European’ stickers on its sides:

DB Cargo’s 480 017 in ‘I am European’ design: side view Photo: Alextasy Angel

As the locomotive is red, instead of white, the operator decided to add stickers to the design that looks like the red layer is being peeled off. ‘Underneath’ is the white center part, similar to the Vectrons.

But that’s not all: since DB’s Transmontanas can be seen driving crossborder trains between Romania and Hungary, two flags have been added to the right side of the blue stripe. These are missing in the original Vectron design, which we include below for comparison:

DB Cargo Vectron 193 360 15.05.2019 Photo: DB / Oliver Lang

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