Softronic TransMontana

The Transmontana the first Softronic locomotive with asynchrone traction motors. Its concept is based on that of the Phoenix locomotives. It has six axles, 6 MW rated power and 435 kN traction effort at start-up. The only components of the Transmontana that still refer to the original EA locomotives of the Romanian railways on which its concept is based, are the chassis and some parts of the bogies.

The first Transmontana locomotive was completed and presented in 2010. Until 2014 sixteen similar locomotives were built for operators in Romania and Hungary. Transmontana no.17 was the first to feature new crash absorption elements meeting the European TSI guidelines. Being mounted behind the buffers of the locomotive, Softronic had to lengthen the Transmontana with a 45 cm. The cabin design consequently changed.

With the completion of locomotive no.31 the standard design migrated to a new version that can operate in lower temperatures and more wintery conditions. This was done in close cooperation with operator Green Cargo from Sweden, that ordered several Transmontana locomotives for its domestic freight transports.