[RO] LEMA 065: A brand new Transmontana joins DB Cargo Romania


It has been a while since we last saw a new Transmontana release for DB Cargo Romania. 480 065 is the number of the latest six-axle electric in red that will be working for the Romanian branch of the German operator.

There will be new territorial expansions for the Transmontana, but in the meantime, the fleet of modern six-axle locomotives keeps growing steadily in Romania. DB Cargo is the latest to receive such a locomotive, and its number is 480 065. Virgil Cantoneru spotted it at Baneasa station in Bucharest on 21 August:

480 065 of DB Cargo Romania in Bucuresti, Baneasa (RO) 21.08.2022 © Virgil Cantoneru
  • EVN: 91 53 0480 065-8
  • Year built: 2022

More locos are coming soon

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