[UK] CAF: First Transpennine ‘Nova 3’ arrives in the UK [updated]

The first Beacon Rail > Transpennine coaches have arrived in the UK. On 25.05.2018 Rail Operations Group locomotives 37611 and 37884 took the first rake of the CAF Mk5a coaching stock from Bristol to Trans Pennine Express’ Ardwick depot in Manchester Alstom’s depot in Longsight. Longsight will be their principal maintenance base. The image below show the transport also including four Mk1 barrier vehicles and 47812 on the rear in Cheltenham.

CAF will deliver fifteen 5-car trains that will be operated with Class 68 diesel locomotives on lines connecting Liverpool, Manchester, Huddersfield, Leeds, York, Scarborough and Middlesbrough. Transpennine has branded this new type of rolling stock ‘Nova 3’.

Update: The five coaches delivered were (in order): no. 11502 (Open First), 12704 (Open Standard), 12705 (Open Standard) 12706 (Open Standard) and 12802 (Driving Brake Open Standard).

Rail Operations Group 37611 and 37884 with the first rake of CAF Mk5a coaches in Cheltenham on 25.05.2018 – Photo: Giles Mockford