[UK] Transpennine Express: Nova 3 enters commercial service

The first Transpennine Express Nova 3 train has entered commercial service. Early this morning, it was used for a run between Liverpool and Scarborough.

We thank Simon Jowett and John Sparrow for sharing their photos with us.

Today Transpennine Express (TPE) ran the first commercial service with with locomotive 68027 ‘Splendid’ and rake TP09; the 06.56 Liverpool – Scarborough train.

TPE’s 68027 ‘Splendid’ awaiting departure for the 06.56 Liverpool-Scarborough train_Photo: Simon Jowett

A Nova 3 train comprises a Stadler’s (previously Vossloh España) UKLight class 68 locomotive and a rake of CAF Mk5a carriages.

Transpennine Express Nova 3 train in Scarborough – Photo: John Sparrow

More Class 68 Transpennine Express locomotives were on display at Scarborough station.

Transpennine Express’ 68028 and 68023 on display on Scarborough’s platform 4 – Photo: John Sparrow