[EU] Railcolor Weekly: Modern Locomotive News (18/11)

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Akiem: Bombardier sends out 186 371

Unexpectedly, a ‘186 371-1’ came out through he factory gates today at Kassel. It is a locomotive of French leasing company Akiem and it has the country specific package DE-AT-CH-IT-BE-NL. Different as expected as Bombardier is delivering TRAXX multi system DE-AT-BE-NL locomotives only to Akiem at this moment (serie 186 38x). The machine was recorded this morning:

Akiem 186 371 leaving Kassel on 13.03.2018 – Photo: Christian Klotz

Lease company Akiem is rapidly expanding its locomotive portfolio with new TRAXX locomotives. On 08.03.2018 the first two TRAXX multi system electrics were released by Bombardier that will be homologated for Germany, Austria , Belgium and the Netherlands. These are the designated 186 381 and 382. Read more

Akiem 186 381 – Photo: Antoine Leclercq

#Greenspotting with Bombardier..

Alpha Trains 145-CL 005 is now hired to Bombardier Transportation – here it is seen with two Twindexx Vario coaches at Leipzig-Wiederitzsch on 08.03.2018 – Photo: Marcus Schrödter‎

DMV Vectron locomotives arrive in Bulgary

We have a nice article about the two new Vectron locomotives for DMV from Bulgaria > Click here

Photo: Konstantin Planinski

DSB orders 26 Siemens Vectron locomotives

Today, Danish state railways (DSB) has released the final outcome of its locomotive tender, that was launched in 2016. As of 2021, DSB will be operated new Siemens Vectron locomotives. The initial order comprises of 26 machines with a top speed of 200 km/h. There is an option for 18 extra machines. Read more

Photoshop Impression by Railcolor – this image has no relation to DSB nor Siemens

Hector Rail family expansion

Hector Rail is currently actively sharing images of its newest Vectron locomotives on Twitter and Instagram. First recorded last week were 243 109 and 243 111. And what to think about this beautiful shot:

Kirunavaara. #Hectorrail #Vectron #snowplow #snowandice ?@lokf365

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Holzlogistik und Güterbahn Bebra: 187 320 ready for testing

Soon German rail freight operator Holzlogistik und Güterbahn Bebra or HLG will take delivery of TRAXX AC3 locomotive no. 187 320. The company has released a new image of the locomotive now awaiting its first static tests at Kassel:

The new and the old: ÖBB 1293 001 and 1142 678

The old and the new: ÖBB 1293 001 and 1142 673 running together at Tullnerbach Pressbaum on 12.03.2018 – Photo: Mathias Machatschek

PKP IC hires two Newag Griffin locomotives

PKP IC is the new operator of E4DCUd-004 and -005. The Lotos livery combines very well with the logos. It is a curious development as these locomotives were originally built for another operator, plus that Newag and PKP IC are very close to sign a deal for new Griffin locomotives, but there is no confirmation yet that this has actually happened. Read more

Newag lease E4DCUd-005 is now hired to PKP IC – The locomotive seen at Warszawa-Wschodnia on 11.03.2018 at Photo: Adam Kilian

Raildox now has three TRAXX AC3 locomotives

On 09.03.2018, Bombardier handed over the third TRAXX AC3 locomotive to German rail freight operator Raildox. The company now owns 187 317, 318 and 319. Read more here

187 319 at Kerzell on 12.03.2018 – Photo: Martin Voigt

Rail Polska 207E-001: now on public tracks

Prototype locomotive 207E-001 has re-appeared on public tracks, during dynamic trials in the Poznan are. An update

207E-001 together with 201 EO-003 and several hopper cars on 08.03.2018 in the Poznan area – Photo: Lukasz Piotrowski

Railpool: 187 002 got a make-over

This is Railpool 187 002 – you most likely have seen it before, but in a different livery. Together with 187 001 and 003 this machine was completed in 2012, having a light blue/silver livery that made it stand out from all other Railpool locomotives. But this has changed. Read more

Railpool 187 002 repainted in Railpool standard livery – together with DB Fernverkehr 147 552 – Kassel 08.03.2018 – Photo: Christian Klotz

Saving the best for last

Some weeks ago, Siemens decided to send out several locomotives that were already built, but were not due for delivery yet. These were temporarily parked outside Munich to make room for new locomotives. The last machines to return to Munich after being evicted were LokRoll > SBBCI 193 465-468 and Hupac 193 490-491. They came back together on 11.03.2018, resulting in the marvellous picture:

LokRoll > SBBCI 193 465-468 and Hupac 193 490-491 on their way back to Munich on 11.03.2018 at Sannerz – Photo: Martin Voigt

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