[PL] Griffin locomotives from cancelled contract now hired to PKP IC

You maybe read the story about the five Griffin locomotive Newag was to deliver to Lotos Kolej. The deal was canceled – Newag put the locomotives in a lease pool and now these are available to other operators.

Quickly, Orlen Koltrans decided to hire the E4DCUd-001, -002 and -003. This left 004 and 005 still available, and then something remarkable happened; Around the same time the Lotos Kolej deal bounced of, Newag was selected by PKP IC as the preferred bidder for 20 new electric locomotives of the, well Griffin type. However, it is not known yet whether this deal is officially signed or not.

Nevertheless, the future is already here: PKP IC is the new operator of E4DCUd-004 and -005. The Lotos livery combines very well with the logos. The lease locomotives do differ from what PKP IC wants from Newag. PKP IC does not need the shunting diesel feature that is installed in the 004 and 005 for example.

Newag lease E4DCUd-005 is now hired to PKP IC – The locomotive seen at Warszawa-Wschodnia on 11.03.2018 at Photo: Adam Kilian / rail_photo_gallery